There are so many details to consider when you’re planning a wedding. But there is one thing that is considered by many to be the most important of all: To Have Fun! One of the simplest but most effective ways to bring fun to your wedding is to hire our Mirror Photobooth. This isn’t a clunky enclosure, it’s a touchscreen mirror with fun colorful animations and it looks like a regular full length mirror, Guests will be amazed as instructions appear directly on the mirror as they interact with it.  See 5 reasons why below  to book the Mirror Me Photobooth for your event.


Since photography was invented we have been taking photos of each other and the “selfie” isn’t really a novelty anymore either, but with the mirror photobooth you don’t need to worry about holding the camera at the right angle or making sure you all fit into the frame. Our Photobooths are fully automatic and include quality studio grade lighting that will make you look amazing! We can even provide props to add to the fun and crazyness.


It’s always the ones who say, “Oh, I hate having my photo taken!” that end up in the photobooth ALL NIGHT! There’s something addictive about our Mirror Me Photobooth and pulling crazy faces at the camera. Plus, it’s for people of all ages. The kids can have some fun as well as the adults and the grandparents are usually the ones making the most of the props box!


Sometimes a wedding can be a little awkward with two families coming together and people and relatives you haven’t seen for a long time turning up, but it’s hard not to join in the fun once you hear the giggles from across the room. Everyone wants to know what’s going on and in no time at all you’re being dragged into using our photobooth to pull faces at total strangers. Nothing brings families together like trying to keep a straight face while squished next to each other in a photobooth!


This is the most important reason to hire a photobooth – to preserve memories of your big day! Wedding photographers do an amazing job capturing shots of the dance floor and the hilarious speeches, but it takes our Mirror Me Photobooth to really capture the personalities of your guests. Not only will you get instantly printed 6×4 prints , you’ll also get a digital copy afterwards to. You can print out your images and also upload your favourite pictures online and tag your guests, making the memory of your beautiful day live on.


Want your wedding to have something a little bit different? The Mirror Me Photobooth will have your guests raving for weeks afterwards. “I just wanted to send you a short note to say thank you once again,” says another bride. “Everyone raved about your Mirror and I will certainly recommend you to anyone in the future.”

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